Submission Guide

Elevate Your Collection with ssint. Grading Services!

  1. Discover Your Gems:

    • Unearth the treasures in your collection. Choose the cards that hold significance or rarity, the ones you want to see shine.
  2. Select Your Grading Package:

    • Purchase the grading package that aligns with your needs and the quantity of cards you're submitting. We offer options tailored to every collector.
  3. Check Your Order Confirmation:

    • Look out for the confirmation email. Find a copy of the submission form attached, ensuring a seamless and organised process.
  4. Complete the Submission Form: DOWNLOAD

    • Take a moment to fill out the form. Verify that the quantity of cards you purchased matches the information on the form for accuracy.
  5. Securely Package Your Cards:

    • Safeguard your cards in sleeves and either a semi-rigid or top loader for added protection during transit.
  6. Ship with Confidence:

    • Post your cards securely using a tracked service to


      Rest easy knowing your cards are on their way.
  7. Receive Arrival Confirmation:

    • Once your cards arrive, we'll send you a confirmation email, letting you know they've been received and logged into our system.
  8. Expert Grading Process:

    • Watch as your cards undergo meticulous grading, receive laser-engraved labels, and are encapsulated with a unique ID code for authenticity.
  9. Secure Return Delivery:

    • Your graded cards will be securely packaged and sent back to you using a tracked and signed-for service, ensuring a safe journey.
  10. Share Your Experience:

    • We value your feedback! Share your grading experience with us. Your insights help us continually enhance our services.

Ready to witness your collection's transformation? Purchase your grading package and get started with ssint. now!