ssint. Legacy Spectrum

Introducing our innovative grading scale, meticulously crafted to transcend conventional norms and redefine card evaluation. While the traditional gem mint to poor grading scale provides a generalized spectrum, our uniquely designed scale aims to encapsulate the intricate nuances and historical significance of each card.

From the pinnacle of perfection with our 🌟Exquisite Echelon (10) to recognizing the invaluable narrative with 🌑Grandiose Artefact (1),

Each grade reflects a blend of quality, age, elegance, and historical context. This refined approach ensures collectors receive a comprehensive understanding of a card's condition, aesthetic appeal, and intrinsic value, elevating the grading experience to an unparalleled level of sophistication and appreciation. Embrace the ssint. difference, where each grade resonates with precision, reverence, and a deep appreciation for the artistry and legacy of trading cards.

Grading Scale

🌟 Exquisite Echelon (10)

Representing the zenith of card perfection, this grade exudes impeccable corners, flawless edges, and a lustrous gloss, capturing the epitome of luxury.

✨ Premier Prestige (9)

Virtually immaculate, this grade signifies a card where nuanced imperfections are discerned only upon the most detailed scrutiny, reflecting unparalleled refinement.

🔍 Elegant Excellence (8)

Reflecting meticulous care, this grade subtly acknowledges its vintage while showcasing minimal wear, maintaining its esteemed allure.

🌿 Noble Preservation (7)

With minor, tastefully-acknowledged indications of wear, this grade maintains a poised presentation, accentuating its inherent sophistication.

🌊 Distinguished Resilience (6)

Embodying a harmonious blend of age and elegance, this card displays moderated indications of handling while retaining its distinguished charm.

🍂 Sovereign Sophistication (5)

Embracing its age with grace, this grade acknowledges moderate wear while preserving an air of regal collectability.

🍁 Timeless Integrity (4)

Showcasing the esteemed card's journey, this grade maintains a polished presentation, recognizing its historical significance with dignity.

🌄 Regal Maturity (3)

With discernible indications of historical wear, this grade underscores the card's narrative significance, preserving its collectible legacy.

🔥 Majestic Survivor (2)

Despite pronounced wear, this grade stands as a beacon of resilience and historical significance, maintaining its position as a coveted artefact.

🌑 Grandiose Artefact (1)

Emblematic of age and historical narrative, this grade, while bearing wear, retains an irreplaceable legacy and inherent value.

At ssint. grading and encapsulation, we uphold the highest standards of grading excellence, ensuring meticulous assessment and acknowledgment of each card's unique attributes and value. Trust in our expertise for a comprehensive evaluation of your esteemed trading card collection.